How to name it? Budweiser!

Let’s start at the beginning. You have a product which hopefully is a fine product. But now you want to present your product to the consumer. You can’t just go to the public without a strong brand name. Because one thing we know so far is that the brand name is highly important.

So why is budweiser called Budweiser?

First it is interesting to note that there is more than one beer called Budweiser. You have the well known Budweiser which is an American brand. But you also have a Czech beer called Budweiser.

To make it clear: In my blog I will write about the American brand called Budweiser!

But because I do find it interesting where both brands come from I will write a couple of sentences about the origin of both of the name brands.

The origin of the name of these beers is different. The American Budweiser get’s it’s name because the name Budweiser was in germany well known as a brand for beer and because the heritage of the invenvor of the brand Budweiser lies in the are Budweis. The origin of the Czech beer comes from the country Czech Republic and exactly from a town with a renowned brewery called Budweis. The name budweiser is the genitive which means of budweis.

But here comes the interesting part. The American brand Budweiser has the most rights to sell their beer under the name Budweiser all over the world. But in some countries in Europe Budweiser is not allowed to sell their beer under the name Budweiser. Here they are called Bud. This is because in these countries the Czech beer Budweiser has the rights to sell their beer under this name.

In 2011 there was a lawsuit in the U.K. where the judge decided that both brands can sell their beer by using the name Budweiser. This because he claims that the consumers know which is which.

Below I will post a link where you can read more about the the struggle from both beers to use the name budweiser.

difference in beers

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